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Marco Antonio S. Freitas. talks to director Jair Correia about his career and (1984) SHOCK: DIVERSÃO DIABÓLICA (1984) ... [14/01/23]
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Nathan Johnson talks with Marilouise Michel about her role in the direct-to-video slasher movie THE LAST SLUMBER PARTY (1988) ... [24/03/15]
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JA Kerswell talks to legendary director Ferd Sebastian (THE SINGLE GIRLS (1974) and ROCKTOBER BLOOD (1984))... [14/03/15]
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Lunchmeat chats with Paul Kelman - T.J. in MY BLOODY VALENTINE (1981) ... [30/10/12]
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Lunchmeat chats with Ron Sloan - Junior Hubbard in FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 5: A NEW BEGINNING (1985) ... [16/06/13]
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Lunchmeat chats to Jim Murchison - who played Tommy Whitcomb in MY BLOODY VALENTINE (1981). ... [30/10/12]
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Mark Ezra - the director of SLAUGHTER HIGH (1986) - recollects about making the film and working with star Caroline Munro and the tragic Simon Scuddamore. ... [15/07/12]
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Carel tells us what it was like to stalk teens in the woods in THE PREY (1980). Also, working in latex and Steve Bond's White Corvette! ... [07/03/12]
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You may remember Robin from her head turning appearance in 1983's classic THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW, but after that her career didn't go down the pan (boom boom!). In fact, today she is a much in demand pianist and memoirist. She has kindly allowed us to reproduce her recollections of working on the film - and what a read it is! [11/06/11]
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The man who brought the gory mayhem to life on the unfairly neglected supernatural slasher THE SLAYER talks to JA Kerswell about his craft. As well as other productions he's been involved with and his role in helping to create the iconic Michael Myers mask in the original HALLOWEEN ... [07/06/11]
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Erik Threlfall talks to Joy Tipping (aka Joy Jones), who recollects what it was like making the low budget slasher classic THE INITIATION in Texas; what it was like working with Daphne Zuniga and why Heidi should have been the killer ... [22/05/11]
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JA Kerswell talks to Peter Malof who recalls what it was like to shoot the THE INITIATION; trying to sneak a look at topless girls on rollerskates and trying to charm an unimpressed Daphne Zuniga ... [22/05/11]
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JA Kerswell talks to Michael O Sajbel, the writer/producer of one of my favourite supernatural / slasher crossovers - the much under-rated SUPERSTITION. He recalls what it was like trying to bring his vision to the screen, whilst battling the other conservative producers - and getting his gory way behind their backs ... [02/05/11]
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JA Kerswell talks to Carole Goldman about playing the Witch in the flashback scenes of the amazing quasi-slasher SUPERSTITION (1982). She spills the beans on what it's like to be incased in plaster for your art - and how she nailed the audition to become one of the early 80s unfairly unsung villains ... [15/05/11]
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JA Kerswell talks to Mary McDonough about her role as Final Girl in early 80s slasher MORTUARY. She recalls what it was like to be chased by a madman with an embalming pipe, on disco dialogue and body doubles for nude scenes ... [02/05/11]
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Joseph Henson talks to another of the stars of HOUSE OF DEATH about elderly teenagers and the dangers of being left in gore makeup ... [03/04/11]
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Joseph Henson chats to one of the stars of the regional slasher HOUSE OF DEATH. From working at Earl Owensby’s EO Studios to playing a brain damaged kid ... [03/04/11]
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Erik Threlfall talks to the women of one of the cheesiest of all the early 80s slashers, GRADUATION DAY. Patch McKenzie, Linnea Quigly and Linda Shayne talk about how they passed with dying colours ... [21/03/11]
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We talk to the Canadian director of SLASHERS and the more recent - and excellent - END OF THE LINE. He talks religious cultists and the difficulties of raising the funds to make movies ... [22/06/10]
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In another Lunchmeat exclusive he talks to one of the stars of the original MY BLOODY VALENTINE on what it was like being stalked down the mines ... [28/03/09]
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Lunchmeat continues tracking down everyone who worked on early 80's slasher SATAN'S BLADE (we salute you, Sir!), and talks to actor and crewman Richard Taecker ... [13/08/08]
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Justin talks to the director of new slasher flick MURDER LOVES KILLERS TOO, about making a modern slasher that delivers on the thrills and spills but also delivers something unexpected ... [02/03/08]
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Lunchmeat unearths some more gems about the mid-70s proto slasher CLASS REUNION MASSACRE, when he talks to the film's screenwriter and finds out if even he knows what that extra finger meant ... [02/03/08]
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Another interview with one of the cast of early 80s slasher SATAN'S BLADE, Tom Bongiorno. Lunchmeat lifts the lid once again on this obscure snowbound slasher ... [20/01/08]
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DARK RIDE is one of the most enjoyable throwbacks to the subgenre's g(l)ory days. The film's director talks fairgrounds, mayhem and vegetarian psychos ... [16/12/07]
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A bone-fide final girl, from the relatively obscure early 80s slasher SATAN'S BLADE. Lunchmeat finds out what it was like to meet the blade and shoot sub-zero temperatures ... [31/10/07]
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Star of the 70s proto-slasher THE REDEEMER (aka CLASS REUNION MASSACRE), talks to Lunchmeat about retribution, obscure film makers and the problems of having two thumbs on one hand ... [10/10/06]
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Screenwriter and producer of NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, Joe Augustyn, talks to Lunchmeat about his part in that low budget late 80s horror classic - and gives some sage advice for anyone wanting to break into the horror film industry ... [20/08/06]
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Back in 2002, Lunchmeat talked to a slasher movie legend - the late Paul A. Partain, who played Franklin in the 70s classic, THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE. Published for the first time here ... [23/04/06]
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The upcoming new director talks the walking dead, and what its like to work with your idols from the slasher movie's golden age ... [07/12/05]
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Jason Voorhees turned him into Popeye in FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3: 3D. Here Paul spills the beans on Crystal Lake and what it's like to be back in front of the camera after 23 years ... [07/12/05]
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The amazing true confessions of a Grade-Z, 70s no budget slasher flick scream queen! ... [27/01/05]
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The director and writer of the upcoming CAMP DAZE tell us how they are planning to go back to basics with their unique twist on the summer camp slasher of the early 80s ... [03/12/04]
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The director of SHREDDER gives us the low down on shooting a comedy/slasher in the cold snowy wastes, and how, exactly, to get the balance right between chills and guffaws ... [16/02/03]
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Jacob Helgren talks to screenwriter/director Jason Paul Collum about his love of horror movies, new teen slasher FINAL STAB and the upcoming new SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE sequel, and more! ... [18/11/01]

Erik Threlfall talks to a bone-fide boogeyman, Timothy L. Raynor, who stalked and slashed his way through a bevvy of teens in the early 80's dorm slasher, FINAL EXAM. ... [04/03/01]

When is a sequel to a slasher flick not a slasher flick? Director of URBAN LEGENDS: THE FINAL CUT- acclaimed film composer John Ottman, tells all ... [04/03/00] 

A interview with the director of CUT, the new Australian slasher extravaganza! Where, amongst other things he discusses his favourite direcors, Molly Ringwald and trilogies... [08/02/00]

The German director responsible for the hugely successful THE BOOGEY MAN (1980) (a film which was banned in the UK as a 'video-nasty'), discusses that movie and its sequels- amongst other things ... [06/01/00]

The director of highly individual genre movies SQUIRM (1976); BLUE SUNSHINE (1977); and JUST BEFORE DAWN (1980) talks about his experiences making a backwoods slasher movie with a difference ... [15/06/99]