[Justin Kerswell chats with Paul Kratka]

FRIDAY THE 13TH fans will remember Paul's literally eye-popping turn in FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3: 3D, so we are absolutely delighted that he has agreed to talk to about his memories of Crystal Lake, and what it's like to get back in front of the camera to appear for a whole new legion of horror fans!


Q: The last time we saw you was as Jason Voorhees' squeezebag in FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3. How does it feel to be back in front of the cameras after 23 years?

PK: It's awesome. I have missed acting so much in the past years. I have done some small theater, Shakespeare, etc. which I find immensely enjoyable. And now, to be asked to be in these films is so exciting. It's a dream come true to be able to revive my film career.

When I get in front of a camera and start working, I can't describe to you how it stirs a passion deep in my heart. I am very grateful to these young directors like Scott Goldberg for the opportunities they are giving me.

Q: 2005/2006 is shaping up to be a busy time for you, with not one, not two but three film projects in the works! How did Scott tempt you back into the limelight?

PK: I get contacted by many people throughout each week who are fans - and by the way, HORROR FANS ARE THE BEST!

So, about eighteen months ago, I received an e-mail from Scott Goldberg; he said he was a horror fan in general and a F-13 fan in particular. He also said he was a filmmaker starting his career and asked if I would consider acting in one of his upcoming films. My first thought was,"yeah, right, blah, blah, blah". About 6 months later, he contacted me again, saying they were creating the shooting schedule for this film called THE DAY THEY CAME BACK, and would I be interested in being in it. I loved the character Detective JASON RONNER and the way his scenes were written and then interspersed throughout the story. So I thought, why not? Scott seemed to be a really nice guy as well as a legitimate want-to-be director and one thing led to another and I went back to New York last April and had a great time working with Scott.

Q: Could you tell a little bit about your role in the first of these projects, THE DAY THEY CAME BACK?

PK: It's such a great role - a government official (Detective JASON RONNER - Scott's way of paying tribute to the F-13 legacy) who seems to want things (i.e. zombie breakout) to be properly contained; then this "good guy" turns out to be not so good. Plus, it's a continuous interrogation scene; and I think every actor loves an interrogation or courtroom or intense violent scene in that it's so removed from our daily existence that it is a "stretch" as well as "meaty" in terms of dialogue and/or action.

And Scott created a great location/set for this interrogation scene - it was filmed in this abandoned, broken down cabin in an area of overgrown and dead trees.

Q: You will be returning in the upcoming DANIELLE'S REVENGE, alongside Felissa Rose, the star of another (in)famous 80s slasher, SLEEPAWAY CAMP. Are you looking forward to that?

PK: Well, right now this is all in the planning stages - so I'm hoping that it all comes together next year. If it does, I will be SO excited - it's a great story - more along the lines of a Friday the 13th plot. Also, Scott's plan is to first film BREAKTHROUGH, a prequel to DANIELLE'S REVENGE, which has an awesome scene, reminiscent of Friday the 13th, that I am slated to participate in.

Q: Has working with Scott made you consider taking up acting again full-time?

PK: Absolutely! Scott's the greatest. It's hard for someone in his position as an independent filmmaker starting his career, so any help I can give him or other up and coming directors, I'm happy to do so. I've been a chiropractor now for sixteen years and it's a wonderful thing; that being said, I truly miss acting and am very grateful that Scott had the kindness to reach out to me and include me in THE DAY THEY CAME BACK.

Q: HYSTERIA LIVES! Is a website dedicated to the golden age of the slasher movie, so I hope you'll forgive a few questions about you involvement in the FRIDAY saga.

PK: Are you kidding - this whole thing started with Friday the 13th; I never turn down a request to talk about the famous FRIDAY THE 13TH and the infamous JASON!

Q: Does it surprise you that people are still interested in a film that was released 23 years ago?

PK: Yes, of course it totally amazes me that after 23 years, there's this much interest. I have come to be so impressed with the F-13 fans and there incredible devotion. It is truly heartwarming how dedicated and how kind the F-13 fans are - nobody compares to a F-13 fan! And yes, I am surprised; but I have come to truly respect the entire horror industry which of course, is fueled its amazing fans. Hardly a day or week goes by that I am not contacted by a fan requesting an autograph. I'm flattered and honored by their requests.

Q: Although I've seen it flat many times, I saw FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3 in all its 3D glory last year in London. The effects still worked remarkably well. Do you remember what it felt like to see your eye pop out of your head and land in the laps of the audience all those moons ago?

PK: I'm glad you were able to finally see a 3D showing - it's awesome, isn't it. It's fun and makes you appreciate the what and why they filmed so many of the scenes the way they did.

I thought one of the most incredible things of the 3D showing was the film credits at the beginning and how they came out into the audience, first part way and then, all the way to where they seemed to be between the person sitting directly in front of me and myself - it was so cool. I also remember the first time I saw the film in its entirety and how scary I thought it was. When you work on a film, it's in bits and pieces and not necessarily in chronological order for the story. So to see it as a finished story was really suspenseful and scary. Now when I watch it, it's more like a comedy (HA ..HA).

Q: Do you enjoy the slasher subgenre? And if so, what are some of your favorites?

PK: Actually, the slasher films aren't what I would seek out when I go to the movies or rent DVD's for home viewing. I do love working in the horror genre because the people involved, both in production and the fans, are so passionate about their horror. I also have a great amount of respect for the genre because of the demand and the fact that there is this almost "subculture" behind it; there aren't many film genres, other than the Trekees, that have conventions, multiple web sites devoted to their favorite films, cast members, etc. Also, the slasher subgenre has been labeled "B" movies, yet they make "A" money for the studios who produce and distribute them. It's hard to imagine how much revenue, for example, the F-13 films have grossed over the years - hundreds of millions of dollars. Actually, Peter Bracke probably knows - he's the master of all things trivia connected with F-13 (Peter just released his massive book CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES, which pays homage to the entire Friday the 13th legacy).

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