[Lunchmeat chats with Ron Sloan - Junior Hubbard in FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 5: A NEW BEGINNING (1985)]

Q: The universal question: How did you get the role of Jr. in FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 5?

At the time I was performing a five-minute showcase scene twice a weekat the Fountain Theatre in Hollywood, and Pamela Basker and Fern Champion attended one of them. Afterwards, they asked if I could improvise a “hillybilly, good ol’ boy”-type who was a little demented, and that’s where “Junior Hubbard” was born. I had so much fun improvising that night. Not long after that I had my first callback with Fern and Pamela, and then another with Danny Steinmann. In no time I had Danny laughing his ass off in no time—the weirder I was, the harder he laughed. And when the audition was over, Danny shook my hand and said “You’re a really fun man! I’m looking forward to working with you.” I left with a smile. I knew the part was mine!
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  Roan loses his head in FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 5: A NEW BEGINNING (1985)

Q: Did you know this was a FRIDAY THE 13TH sequel when you accepted the role?

No. It was called Repetition. We didn't know until we were on the set. That was an eye opener. We all loved the idea.

Q: What did you think of the script when you first read it?

I was happy! I was working! I couldn't complain. I knew it wouldn't be nominated for best picture of the year. It was my first break.

Q: You and Carol Locatell (Ethel aka Mama) had great chemistry on set. What was she like to work with and what was your relationship like with her when you were not filming?

Same as on the set. Great Chemistry, great friendship. We enjoy doing Cons together.

Q: What was your shooting schedule? What year and months were your scenes shot?

I really don't remember exactly. 1984 October or November? It was cold at night.

Q: Where did you stay when you weren't shooting?

My parents lived in Ventura County about 15 miles from location in Santa Rosa Canyon near Camarillo.

     Ron Sloan interview
  Ron Sloan is still the proud owner of his own head!

Q: Did you already know how to ride a dirt bike before playing Jr.?

I knew how to ride a dirt bike, but they had me ride very little. Just a couple of scenes.

Q: A NEW BEGINNING has a lot of deaths. How was your death scene set up?

It was very challenging. Just before my decapitation on the motorcycle, I had to do what is called a film reversal. I was placed in a harness that whipped my body backwards when triggered. They would then film me changing my facial expression from screaming to normal. A cutout blade was also used, with the blade snuggly placed against my neck, giving the illusion of it deeply penetrating. So, then when the film is played back in conjunction with the decapitation, my body reaction also physically looked like I was hit with blunt force. We did this many times and at different camera angles until Danny was happy with the final results. I had a camera strapped to the handle bars of the dirt bike, which made steering very difficult—basically I could only drive straight. And, of course, Danny said that the camera was worth 50 grand, and if I dump the bike he'd kill me for real!

Q: Danny Steinman sadly passed away on December 8th of 2012. What was he like to work with?

He was great to me. I had no conflict with him. Then again how can I complain.

I was working on a FRIDAY THE 13TH. He gave Carol and I a lot of freedom. We could do no wrong. I screwed up a little bit, but we just did it again and better. He was gruff on the outside but I had no fear. I was secure with my character.

Q: John Shepherd (Tommy) seemed to make the most of part with few words. What was he like to work with?

We developed a good working relationship. Practicing our scenes together. He is a dedicated actor, very professional. We were in a second movie together after that called Banzai Runner. John is a good soul.

Q: After 1989 you seemed to drop out of the acting business. Was there a particular reason for this?

I became a commercial actor. That paid the bills. I did a Tales of the Darksideand some sitcoms. TV commercials were very lucrative back then.

Q: What was the general feel on the set? Was it laid back or was there a general sense of 'let's get the shot and move on'?

Time is always money.... This wasn't Gone with the Wind. Can't really screw-up a slasher film.

Q: Where were most of your scenes shot? Do you remember the exact location?

Santa Rosa Canyon in Camarillo. Thats where most of my scenes were shot. Also a little reservoir off of Beverly Dr. in the Hollywood Hills.

     Ron Sloan interview
  Japanese artwork for FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 5: A NEW BEGINNING (1985)

Q: I get the feeling that there were probably drugs on this set of this film....lol....

Not around me. I was there to work. I didn't know anybody. I never witnessed any actors doing drugs. I'm sure there was drugs...they were everywhere.

Q: What is your most memorable moment during the making of FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 5?

Depends on what day of shooting. My death scene was hard, but felt great once it was all said and done.

Q: Have you spoken to any of the actors or remained in contact with any of them since the shoot?
We all see each other once in a while at Conventions. I have gotten together with Miguel. He is a funny man.

Q: The fight scene with you and Tommy (John Shepherd). How was this set up? Was it rehearsed by you two off set?

In the fight scene between John and I, the stuntman was teaching John how to swing at me. The stuntman accidentally connected and knocked me out for a couple of seconds. When John did the scene, he also connected and I was dazed for a second. I'd never make a stuntman.

Q: Did you keep any memorabilia from the film?

Of course my Repetition script and I was given the replica of my head a couple of years later.

Q: Were you aware of the waning popularity of the slasher film at the time?

I knew my film was panned at the time for being a copy cat killing. But it still was very popular. I think the censors didn't help. My original death scene was very gruesome. Calm by todays standards.

Q: Your character is probably the most memorable of the entire film. Do fans ever remember you as Jr. from FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 5 when you are out in public?

I have had a few occasions where fans have recognized me and started saying my lines...They Hurt Me Maw!!!!!!! Funny. I dig it.

Q: What are you doing at the present time? Any future projects we should know about?

I am in the witness protection program. I did do an interview last year in a documentary on my my experiences in FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 5 and the franchise.

Q: Do you ever regret playing Jr. Hubbard in the film?

Never....I was lucky. I can't regret having a lot of fun.

Q: In three words tell me what your experience with the film was like?

Never ending story.

Again Ron, thank you so much fr taking time to answer these questions.

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