[Nathan Johnson talks with Marilouise Michel about her role in the direct-to-video slasher movie THE LAST SLUMBER PARTY (1988)]

Q: How did you get involved with The Last Slumber Party?

I was introduced to Steve by my 8th grade English teacher. Steve and Georges were making a film when I was in high school and they needed a girl who could act. A couple of years later they contacted me to be involved in TLS. I agreed and was initially cast as Chris. When I had to step out of that role, Steve assured me that being the first one killed would be memorable. Lol

Q: What was it like working with the cast and crew?

I particularly remember Georges. He was short and exotic looking. I seem to remember he had an accent (French?) Maybe I just think that because he was friendly with my high school French teacher? The camera was huge and expensive I thought. But I have no idea what kind of camera it was. I liked the girl (Darcy?) who played the other nurse. I think she and Steve eventually got married. I knew Jan a little from the theatre scene in New Orleans but I didn't know anyone else.

I am actually trying to track down Steve for you. I think he was a hospital worker of some sort. He would be thrilled with the attention I think. I left New Orleans in 1987.

Q: Have you kept in contact with anyone from the film?

Sadly, no.

Q: Do you have any interesting behind the scenes stories you can share?

I remember being mortified by the mini skirt, and my heart leapt out of my chest when I first saw myself bending over the patient to subdue him and get him off the doctor. I thought sure you would be able to see right up that skirt. Also, I had SO much trouble delivering the line about cutting out a part of his brain. It took numerous takes, and back then that was a big waste of money they didn't need, and they weren't very happy with me. The only take I didn't laugh on is the one in the movie. To this day I laugh when I hear that line.

Q: The Last Slumber Party has gained quite a fan base amongst B movie fans. Have you been recognized by fans of the film?

I had no idea there was a fan base for this film. I only learned about it a few days ago. I particularly enjoyed the reviewer who said I delivered my lines "as if in a horse tranquilizer induced haze." (JA Kerswell: that was me - sorry Marilouise!!!) That was priceless, and pretty correct. What doesn't come across in the film is that the nurse is wanting to have an affair with the doctor, and thinks her murderer might be him kidding around before he kills her. The whole reason she takes down her hair is to go back and seduce him. The UA cut doesn't make that clear. I think much of the film made more sense with the director's cut. I also think I remember taking to Steve once after it was released and he was pretty disgusted but there was nothing he could do.


Q: Did the cast follow a script strictly or were you allowed to improvise any scenes or ad lib any dialogue?

We definitely had a script. I remember being uncomfortable with some of Chris's dialogue, and he indicated that I could improvise to make it feel more real and less stilted. I assume he gave the other the girls the same freedom, though much of the dialogue resembles what I remember from the script. I wasn’t around for the filming of the scenes with the girls.

Q: After your experience with The Last Slumber Party, would you consider another acting role?

My career has been centered around theatre rather than film. I don't like the disjointed out of order filming that is necessary in film. On stage we tell a whole story every night. I have done one other film since then but it hasn't been released. It was just a few years ago. I don't generally audition for films.

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