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Larry Joshua (played Glazer)

Larry 1Q1: How did you get the part in THE BURNING? It was your first film role, right?

I auditioned for Tony Maylam and Joy Todd.

Q2: THE BURNING was different to a film such as FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980), where most of the cast were young adults. Many of the cast in THE BURNING (1981) were young enough to truly reflect the real make-up of a summer camp in the early 1980s. However, am I right in thinking that you were actually older than Brian Matthews and Leah Ayres, both of whom played counsellors?!

I didn't know it at the time or think of it, but I guess I was.

Q3: The baseball and canoeing scenes sure looked like fun to make. Do you have fond memories of the production?

I just remember we laughed a lot, it was a great time period.

Larry 2Q4: Cropsey – the horribly scarred killer in the film – is seemingly inspired (in name at least) by the urban legend that has terrorised kids and campers for decades in New York State. Had you heard about the legend? Did anything spooky happen on set?

I never heard of the tale. Nothing happened that was spooky.

Q5: In the film you play something of a bully who was in pursuit of the sultry Sally (Carrick Glenn). I've always wondered about the scene when you find her body after you get to fetch matches. The rest of the film was very gory, but you never see what happened to her – it was all left to the imagination. Was that on purpose or was it an effect that didn't work?

I don't know but I think it was done on purpose.

Larry 3Q6: Your demise on film was perhaps the most brutal of them all; getting shears to the neck and being impaled on a tree. Getting offed by Tom Savini must be something of an honour – and he was saying the kids were queuing up to find out how they would die! It looked uncomfortable, was it? And, is it true that Tony Maylam played Cropsey in that scene?

I enjoyed working with Tony and Tom on my death scene. Yes Tony played Cropsey in that scene. The sweet sticky syrup that was used for blood was the worst part.

Q7: THE BURNING was surprisingly controversial on release. Suffering many cuts at the behest at the MPAA. Despite getting a cinema release in the UK it was accidentally released uncut on video and was banned as one of the infamous ‘video-nasties’. Were you aware of its enduring infamy?

I knew nothing about the release and I had no idea the film would have legs these many years later.

Q8: Have you seen the film recently? If so, how do you think it holds up?

I have not seen the film since it first came out.

Q9: Finally, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions! Is there anything else you can add about the film or your time working on it?

There was not much to do up there, but I remember that the cast, the crew along with Harvey had a great time.

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