I really enjoy receiving correspondence from people around the world, but quite often I get asked the same question over again so, although it's been on the cards for a long time, I thought it was finally time to put a FAQ together. So, here, my friends, it is:

Do you really own all the films you've reviewed?

Not meaning to boast, but, yes, I do (except for the few I can no longer bare to share house space with!).

Where do you find all your films?

Well, I've been collecting for a number of years now. I used to find old videos (usually dirt cheap) at Sunday boot fairs (I'm not sure what you call them in America - it's where people get together to unload any old tat that's been clogging up their lofts out of the back of their cars on a (usually) misty Sunday morning). Of course, one man's clutter can be a slasher fan's holy grail! The pickings are certainly slimmer these days - at least as far as getting the old pre-cert stuff; having said that I picked up four bone-fide nasties (including Franco's BLOODY MOON) for 50p a pop a few weeks ago! Plus, it's always fun poking around - who knows what you might find.

However, the number one place to find hard-to-find movies is Ebay. It's great to pick up stuff you've been after for ages for a relative pittance. I used to joke that it's the benefit of collecting stuff that no one else wants! I never pay more than $15. If things go for silly prices I'll wait or find other avenues to get a copy. The same goes for movie posters - I bagged a copy of the UK quad for FRIDAY THE 13TH for £20 on there and have seen it for sale recently for £225! Also, remember just because you know what you're looking for it doesn't mean the person selling knows what they have. Sometimes it's a good idea to search under a director or actor's name (especially as some films have come out under a myriad of different titles).

Also, check out Amazon Z shops (remember to click through a affiliate link if you do!) or (only if you are in the States, they don't shop outside) try Half.com. You can pick up some fairly obscure videos at really cheap prices.

As for DVDs and newer movies, well, Amazon.com and MoviesUnlimited.com have an amazing choice - and great customer service (remember to click on those affiliate links!). If you're on a budget then try out DVDpricecheck.co.uk to find out the cheapest place to get DVDs. And, if you can handle multi-region DVDs (and if you can't why not?) then my favourite place to get Asian films is DDDHouse.com (even if you can't handle Region 3 films then many are released as NTSC, Region 0).

Always remember, though, a lot of the fun is in the chase - sometimes the movies themselves don't quite live up to expectations!

Is buying through the Affiliate link really such a big deal?

Yes! As you probably guessed, is something of a labour of love, but it costs money to host it and keep the whole thing going. I don't have a terribly well paid job so it's sometimes a struggle to find the money. That's why I do depend on the affiliate links so I can afford to get new movies and especially on the donations to PayPal which go towards making sure the site will be around for a long time to come. Thanks to those who have donated so far.

If I write a review for HYSTERIA LIVES! will you add it to the site?

I might. I really appreciate people supporting the site, and there's a lot of talented writers out there. However, I do ask that if you'd like to contribute something to the site that you write and ask me first before you spend your time putting something together. Quite often I have reviews written for films that I've yet to add to the site.

How come you haven't reviewed such-and-such film?

There's just so many movies! I always wanted to be a little different. I will and do review the bigger films (and their sequels), and even though I enjoy reviewing movies like the FRIDAY sequels there are a thousand and one (probably more!) sites dedicated to the series. I've always been a sucker for the underdog, and I always wanted to give as much time and space to the little guys, the half (sometimes completely) forgotten slasher flicks of years gone by. I like to think of the site as a smorgasbord, with slasher flicks from all around the world. ...

Doesn't watching all these horror films make you a little warped?

In a word, no. I like to think that I'm pretty well balanced actually. I'm fairly happy-go-lucky; have never been in a fight in my life; I'm kind to fluffy creatures (I don't even eat them) and certainly have no desire to pick up a machete and head to Summer Camp. However, I do find I have to pussyfoot around some people when it comes to my love of the genre because they will invariably get the wrong impression of me - and it's usually people who've never seen a horror film in their life. Now, those are the kind of people I don't trust!