- skinny-dipping is'nt the wisest passtime in a slasher movie!

     ...this young lady is fresh from a bout of skinny dipping, where she didn't actually break the cardinal rule numero-uno of the slasher movie- she refused to have sex with her boyfriend, who she leaves splashing around in a moonlit lake. But for her, it is a case of don't-have sex-and-die-anyway. But really, she should have guessed something was up as she had to traipse through the darkened woods in search of her knickers- which Cropsy has playfully hung off branches, along with her other clothes. Unfortunately, this treasure trail of under garments only leads to the flashing blades of Cropsy's shears and she succumbs to the gory fx provided by Tom Savini.... Sorry the screen grabs are a bit murky but I tried my best!

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