directed by:Silvio Amadio 
starring: Rosalba Neri, Silvano Tranquilli, Luciana Della Robia, Hiram Keller, Dana Ghia, Zora Gheorghiva, Luigi Guerra, Fabio Garriba, Sidney Chaplin
Script: Francesco Villa,Francesco Orazio di Dio,Francesco Merli
Music: Bob Deramont
DP: Silvano Ippoliti
Editor: Francesco Bertuccioli

REVIEW:by Paul Hutchings

        Because Dorothy's death from a cut throat with broken glass occurred in a room that was locked from the inside it is believed that it was suicide. Of course that would be too simple and it comes as no surprise to find out she was murdered, but by whom? The trick that was used to lock the door from the outside is very clever and is the sort of thing Sergio Martino has done in a couple of his films. The next day Gianni,a friend of Dorothy's visits the house and sees her daughter and husband, Nancy and Marco. Gianni and Marco are having a relationship and are also worried about Nancy getting all of the inheritance money so plot to get rid her. The film suddenly grind's down to a halt at this stage as Gianni who is a photographer does a photo session with Nancy that seems to go on forever. Once this is finally over Marco takes Nancy for a little sail in his boat. When she falls in the water it is left for some locals to rescue her as Marco shows no interest in pulling his stepdaughter from the sea. The photos of Nancy start to get more revealing and the two women get to sleep with each other, all three of the main characters are sleeping with each other in fact. Eventually the story does get moving and towards the end does get quite interesting, especially the heavily ironic ending. The best line in the film is "A corpse is like a guest, they stink after three days!" - I couldn't agree more!

       Silvio Amadio has made films in different genres from westerns PER MILLE DOLLARI AL GIORNO to peplums TESEO CONTRO IL MINOTAURO which also had fantasy elements. He also made another giallo in 1972 called ALLA RICERA DEL PIACERE(aka AMUK!) and the possession film IL MEDIUM in 1978.

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