2 stars
Cheese Rating: 25% Dairylea Lite!

""Dear JuLie---
dOnt Let Me do iT--- Again"

directed by: David Paulson
starring: Klaus Kinski, Marina Hill, Craig Wasson, Christopher Lloyd

(back of video blurb):
       " Dear Julie, Please don't let me do it again...Fear stalks the remaining members of Dr. Fales group therapy programme, those that haven't fallen victim to the schizophrenic scissor-killer...Is the killer one of the group?...Is it Julie lover Dr. Fales?...Will Julie be the next victim?"

choice dialogue:

"Who ever wrote this is obviously capable of murder!"

slash with panache?

       Not really, but as the words 'sleazy','murky' and 'grimy' spring to mind and it seems to just slide alongside such 'gems' as DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE and DON'T GO IN THE HOUSE (both 1980).

       Kinski, as bug-eyed and watchable as ever, runs a therapy group. He is Klaus Kinski in SCHIZOIDromantically entwined with at least two of the members and seems to take an unhealthy interest in his nubile teen age daughter. Amongst all this rumpy-pumpy and (hinted at) incest, the (female) members of the group fall foul of the scissor by one. At some point in the film almost everyone gets to fondle a pair of scissors, so the finger of suspicion points wildly, if not incredibly enthrallingly, around.

       Paulson, who also directed the proto-slasher THE KILLER BEHIND THE MASK (1976), seems more interested in making a 'straight' thriller. Whilst there is definitely stalking 'n' slashing aplenty, the murders seem highly perfunctory and don't fit very well with the rest of the action. Apart from a few highly charged scenes between Kinski and his daughter there is little to lift this film out of a rut of blandness.

       One thing of interest though, Christopher Lloyd makes an appearance as a creepy boiler maintenance man.

BODYCOUNT 4  bodycount!   female:3 / male:1

       1) Woman stabbed in gut with scissors
       2) Exotic dancer (female) stabbed in back with scissors
       3) Woman slashed to death in jacuzzi with scissors
       4) Man stabbed in back with scissors