satan's blade.jpg
1 & half stars   Cheese Rating: 50% Fiesty Fromage

"It took over 100 years...but the blade got even."

directed by: L. Scott Castillo Jr
starring: Tom Bongiorn, Stephanie Leigh Steel, Thomas Cue, Janeen Lowe

(back of video blurb):
"   A terrifying story of mystery, horror and violence. What evil lurks in the woodlands?

   The haunting legend of the mountains becomes a shocking reality when seemingly innocent teenage holiday-makers become victims of sadistic killings.

   A film that will shock you as it races to its deathly demonic climax.

    Satan's blade will stop at nothing."

choice dialogue:

"Still, others believe he lives beneath the waters of the lake where he has become a monster of death and stalks all who come to these mountains."

slash with panache?

       Well if you like 'em cheap this may be your cup of tea!....And 'cheap' IS the word. I haven't been able to track down any information on this film at all. It may have been called something else in other territories, if it ever got a release!

       Basically SATAN'S BLADE is a zero budget copy of the first two FRIDAY THE 13TH films. Having said that it does have its moments and occassionally transcends its budget and deliver a few thrills.

       It opens with a violent, if not especially spectacular, bank heist. The thieves flee, but after a double cross one of them lies shot dead and the other finds death at the end of 'Satan's blade'. Cut to mucho amateurish acting on the behalf of two policemen and townsfolk. Two lots of holiday makers arrive and are given the ominous warning of the 'giant in the lake' and the fact that "...the knife would stop at nothing." Wouldn't you know it, the holiday makers poo-poo the dire warnings and decide to still rent two remote snow bound cabins. Alarm bells should have started ringing as soon as they got there. You can clearly see through the fresh paint to an emblem painted in blood from one of the killings, on one of the cabin's walls! The usual happens...oh you know, as soon as night falls people go wandering off on their own looking for each other. One of the groups is made up of, wouldn't you know it, teenage girls. Conveniently they leave their front door unlocked, even though a murder took place there only hours before. Unsuprisingly the killer slices 'n' dices his way through the household, at one point whipping off the bra of one unfortunate girl before doing away with her. Things continue in the classic vein, until we are down to the final girl who has obviously seen Amy Steel's survival techniques in FRIDAY 13TH: PART 2, and hides under the bed. Things end on a supernatural note and as the screen fades the message..."The Legend continues". The makers were probably a little bit too optimistic about starting a franchise of some kind and as far as I know Satan's blade is still at the bottom of that lake to this day.

BODYCOUNT 13  bodycount!   female:11 / male:2

       1) Two females shot dead
       2) Female shot dead
       3) Female stabbed to death
       4) Female's throat slashed in washing up bowl!
       5) Female stabbed in the back
       6) Female stabbed in the breast
       7) Female stabbed in gut?
       8) Male has throat cut
       9) Female has a knife thrown into her back
      10) Male impaled on fire poker
      11) Female strangled and stabbed
      12) Female stabbed to death