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Below are some of the sites which I visit regularly, which I suggest you check out too- there's some real gems in there...

CINEMATIC SHOCKS : In-depth analysis on horror, exploitation and other shocking cinema!
BODYCOUNT CONTINUES : It's back from beyond the grave! Joseph Henson's slasherific tribute to all things stalk and slash. It's also the home of our forums. Go see. Now!
RETRO SLASHERS: Now this is the business. Awesome slasher movie site that's just opened, with some seriously enlightening info on lost slashers, cut scenes and much, much more. Do yourself a favour, check this baby out! (note new URL!)
 PORKHEAD'S MOVIE HOLE: Great new Blog from sometime contributor Joel H.
 ANCHOR WOMAN IN PERIL: Witty and endlessly entertaining Blog by sometime contributor Ross Horsley
 LOVELOCKANDLOAD: Excellent site dealing with gialli and all manner of Euro goodness!
 MISC GARBAGE: Entertaining Blog that's well worth checking out!
 OH THE HORROR!: Ambitious new Canadian site dedicated to all things horror and set to challenge the genre's online bigwigs.
 DR GEOFF'S HORROR HOUSE!: Keeping the Brit end up is this long running net institution.
DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU!: Burgeoning new slashertastic site. Check it out!
FRIGHTMARE: I'm more of a Belle & Sebastian kinda guy, but if Old School Death Metal/Grind, 80's Thrash Metal/Crossove is you bag then hotfoot it over here!.
GRAVE ORC : billed as the ultimate cult video collector's site, with a A-Z listing of horror, sci-fi & cult UK pre-certs.
 BLEEDING SKULL: billed as "Spooky trash from beyond the grave", this is one review site that definitely warrants return visits. Gorgeous design, too.
 SLAUGHTERZONE: Nigel, from the TBC board, takes up the best punk DIY effort and starts a very promising slasher move review site.
 CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE ONLINE: Bills itself as the 'ultimate Friday the 13th archive' and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Fantastic!
 THE COLORS OF DARKNESS: A dark techno homage to Euro-horror. Sound strange? Don't worry, this is great stuff, with some of the best scenes from euro-horror classics 'reinvented' with a powerfully evocative new soundtrack. Check it out!
 CONTAMINATION HORROR : A fascinating site chock full of interesting info about what it was like back when you could actually see the likes of ZOMBIE FLESH-EATERS at your local Odeon!
 CAMP MASSACRE: BTK from the TBC board comes up trumps with a new site dedicated to our favourite subgenre!
 CAMP BLOOD : One of the most entertaining horror sites I've ever been to. Really funny and insightful reviews from a gay perspective. Killer camp!
SLASHERAMA: a wealth of information about our favourite subgenre with a interactive slasher movie e-story, 'Blackthorn', too!
 UPCOMING HORROR MOVIES: Another one I've been meaning to link to. If you want horror news it's here and GOREZONE to go to for the latest!
 ARROW IN THE HEAD: I can't believe I haven't linked to this one before. If you don't already then get yourself over there for a feast of reviews, trailers and other cool stuff!
 CINEMA NOCTURMA: interesting site delving into the dark corners of the genre ...

 HACK & SLASH!: cool new site devoted to slashers, slashers and nothing but slashers!

 PIT OF HORROR: A fantastic FRIDAY THE 13TH resource (including downloadable scripts!) is only scraping the surface of this treasure trove of dark delights!
 THE OFFICIAL SLEEPAWAY CAMP SEQUELS SITE: everything you wanted to know about the SLEEPAWAY CAMP films is gathered here in this incredible site. A real labour of love.
 POPCORN PICTURES : a great site with literally tons of genre reviews. I may not agree with everything the guy has to say about certain films, but they're always witty and concise.
CHEERLEADER CAMP: THE WEBSITE: cool little site dedicated to this cheesy late 80's slasher - with info on the fabled sequel ...
SEXGOREMUTANTS : An excellent UK resource for horror movies, especially for DVD reviews (you can also buy difficult to find titles at their store).
FAB PRESS: British publishing house which puts out an whole array of excellent genre related books, not least of all the incredible Fulci book BEYOND TERROR and, what promises to be the definitive work on Argento, ART OF DARKNESS.
THE MELON FARMER'S VIDEO HITS: I've been meaning to add this link for ages. This site is, undoubtedly, the best resource for information on censorship, mostly with regards to the UK (but also covers stories from around the world). Indispensable.
CAMERA OBSCURA MAIL ORDER : people are always asking me where they can get obscure slasher flicks from, well, if you can handle the PAL format then I suggest you give this cool new Dutch company, who specialise in old pre-records, a try. Most of the videos are in English with Dutch subs, and I picked up EVIL LAUGH, TWISTED NIGHTMARE, THE DEMON and THE FIEND from them. Cool!
THE TERROR TRAP: excellent, intelligently written general horror film site. And the two blokes who put it together have a similar fondness for HYSTERIA! type movies....Highly recommended.
DARK DREAMS- THE FILMS OF DARIO ARGENTO: Beautiful UK site dedicated to the Italian Maestro. Well worth a visit.
DARK ANGEL'S REALM OF HORROR: Great fellow UK horror movie site with video clips, horror reviews, banned movies, video nasties, anti-censorship issues and more...
GOREZONE: I used to have a link to COMING ATTRACTIONS up here but their horror updates left a lot to be desired. Instead, try this excellent horror news-board- I check it out every day!