missing scenes

( WARNING!: major spoilers ahead...)

     ...below are a couple of pictures from scenes that didn't make it into the final cut of CURTAINS (at least not in the version I saw). I apologise for the quality of the pictures- they have been taken from the back of the, frankly appallingly bad quality, video cover of the UK release on the 'Horror Classics' label.

     ...this is probably not a missing scene, but, I hazard a guess this is the mysterious director Richard Ciupka (who essentially took his name off the film by crediting the fictitious Johnathon Stryker), helping Samantha Eggar through her paces in the scene where she murders Stryker (John Vernon) and Linda (Tara King).

     ...this scene was definitely not in the version I saw. The killer- wisecracking Patti O'Conner (Lynne Griffin) has surrounded herself with the bodies of all the other actresses who were up for the part of Audra. Although somewhat of a cliche, this would have been a nice culmination to a kind of psychotic method acting- Griffin literally becoming the insane Audra. Why this wasn't included in the final cut I really don't know.

     If you look carefully you might (or more probably you'll have to take my word for it) that, second from the left, is Christie's (Lesleh Donaldson) body; complete with head(!)- indicating that her apparent decapitation, and the head in the toilet bowl incident, was an hallucination on the part of Linda (Tara King)..... Or, more likely, it was further evidence of a muddled and, sometimes, barely coherent production.

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