directed by: Luciano Ercoli
starring:Susan Scott, Simon Andreu, Peter Martell, Claudie Lange, Carlo Gentilli, Ivano Staccioli, Fabrizio Moresco, Claudio Pellegrini, Luciano Rossi, Raul Aprici, Giuliana Rivera, Anna Recchimuzzi, Guido Spadea
Story: Sergio Corbucci
Script: Ernesto Gastaldi, Manuel Velasco
Music: Gianni Ferrio
DP: Fernando Arribas
Producers: Luciano Ercoli, Alberto Pugliese
Editor: Angelo Curi

REVIEW:by Paul Hutchings

       Valentina is a beautiful model who agrees to undergo experiments for a new mind bending drug called H.D.S supervised by a professor and reporter Giovanni Baldi (Simon Andreu). First she gets hot and starts getting giggly but then gets flashbacks of a woman being murdered.The killer is wearing a particuarly nasty metal spiked glove which he punches her face with- showering the camera lens with blood. The hallucination to Valentina seems all too real and she is convinced that what she saw really did happen. Naturally the next day the newspapers are full of what has happened which makes Valentina very angry with Giovanni.Later she comes across the killer she saw whilst under the influence of the drug and there's a game of cat and mouse as he tries to reach her by punching through a door with the glove, but she is saved when her boyfriend Stefano turns up. It is later found out that the woman Valentina saw murdered was called Dolores and she was found 6 months earlier by a railway where she 'apparently' committed suicide. There are several twists in the film until it comes to it's satisfying conclusion on yet another rooftop. Some credit here has to go to spaghetti western specialist Sergio Corbucci who wrote the story which features more than one killer,a device that some later films of this nature would use most notably Dario Argento's TENEBRAE (1982). All this is great but CRY OUT IN TERROR doesn't get any better than it's first 5 minutes.

       Valentina was played by golden haired Susan Scott ,real name Nieves Navaro (strangely most of the women in this film seem to be red heads! ) She was also in that other Luciano Ercoli giallo DEATH WALKS IN HIGH HEELS (1971) and other films like DEATH CARRIES A CANE (1973) ,and D'Amato's extremely trashy EMANUELLE AND THE LAST CANNIBALS (1977).

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