Now, don't get me wrong, I think it's great that lots of Euro titles are getting exhaustively researched, lovingly assembled uncut releases on DVD; with pristine new prints and every effort to include every frame that was shot. Hell, I think it's great what Anchor Bay have been doing with such stellar titles as Argento's DEEP RED and Sergio Martino's brutal TORSO. No, that isn't where I've got a bone to pick. Where I have got a bone to pick is with the treatment some our beloved early 80's slashers have been getting when it comes to releases on this relatively new format. I guess, really, it ain't that surprising, the humble slasher movie has long been the whipping boy of the horror genre; studios and horror snobs have long put the sub-genre down. I want to see some change, and I'm guessing that, if you're reading this, odds on you do too.

     Now, I'm not going to argue for a director's cut of DON'T GO INTO THE WOODS...ALONE! (let's face it- who in their right mind would?!), but, due to a multitude of reasons, there are some bonefide slasher movie classics out there which either have not made it onto those silver discs, or, if they have, find themselves given dreadfully inadequate releases.

     For instance, the FRIDAY films look absolutely incredible on DVD; seeing PART 2 for the first time in all its wide-screen glory was something of a revelation. However, what do Paramount give us to accompany this momentous event? All that we can hope for is one lousy trailer (OK, so the trailer ain't lousy at all but I'm trying to make a point here)- and even the fact that, as one friend of mine pointed out that listening to the French language track can be fun for a while (Madam Voorhees anyone? Plus, as he pointed out, Jason is called 'Jackie' in the first film for some bizarre reason)- anyway, I digress. Why are the films just the R-rated versions? All, yes all, of them have suffered snippage at the behest of the MPAA. So, do we get to see any reinstated footage (like the fabulous sounding alternate ending to FRIDAY 3, where the divinely cheesy Dana Kimmell looses her head, quite literally)? Do we 'eck! Hidden away in the vaults of the Paramount studio are, I'm sure, lots of juicy snippets, and I for one want to see them reinstated- now!

     And it isn't just the FRIDAY's that suffer at the hands of whimpish studios. If you've ever watched THE BURNING's uncut raft teen slaughter bonanza as it was meant to be seen, you'll know that the often censored footage just doesn't, er, cut it (if you haven't check it out here). And how about MY BLOODY VALENTINE? A classic early 80's teen shocker, to be sure- but it could be that much more bloodier if the MPAA cuts were reinstated on a special DVD edition.

     There are some pretty good DVD releases already out, but they tend to be of films that aren't owned by major studios. What I want to see are the major studios treating these flicks with a bit of respect. I want to see trailers - posters - commentaries - tv footage - radio spots - deleted scenes - and, most important of all, I want to see them uncut. Who's with me?

     Hopefully this section will expand and be full of good news of imminent releases- keep your fingers crossed.

What I do hope to do is to take a bit of an in-depth look at some of these films, and the state the censor left them in. If you have any news, or any pictures of footage that hit the cuttting room floor then please get in touch with me.

To Kick things off here's a look at how the MPAA mauled MY BLOODY VALENTINE, a film still, unfortunately, owned by Paramount (drat!). Ooh, at all the gooey pictures of footage that didn't make it to the final cut, and thrill to the news that the hunt for an uncut print may not be as hopeless as previously thought (click on the banner to find out more) ...