BODY COUNT (UK video cover)
We would expect a movie called BODY COUNT to not fail in the "dead" department ... And it doesn't, with an impressive 13 kills. Find this and other movies online, with the help of online coupon codes. Use Netflix coupons to rent your fave slasher titles, and while you're there, check out the Best Buy coupons!
2 and a half stars


directed by: Ruggero Deodato
starring: Bruce Penhall, Mimsy Farmer, David Hess, Charles Napier, Luisi Maneri, Andrew Maneri

(back of video blurb):
       "A fun-loving gang of college kids explore the Colorado wilderness during their long Summer vacation. But at a campsite managed by the mysterious Robert and his wife, Julia, they hear the old legend of the Shaman- half-man, half-beast.

       When strange noises in the night suddenly become terrifying reality, the campers realise that the legend is true. This horrifying tale of murder and mayhem twists and turns as fast as the bodies drop and the thrilling climax is guaranteed to make even the toughest squirm!"

choice dialogue:

"You know what I feel about democracy... let alone campers!"

slash with panache?
       (review by Kit Lively)

       Before I begin my review (bear with me here), allow me to mention that BODYCOUNT is aka CAMPING DEL TERRORE Isn't that the greatest title for a movie you've ever heard?! I mean, say it out loud... "Camping del Terrore!". And don't just say it like you would anything else; give it a little inflection. Shout it as if you were a matador, swirling your red cape out of harm's way of the charging, snorting bull. As a matter of fact, rather than stepping out for a quick smoke or slashing angrily at my mannequins with a hunting knife during times of extreme stress, I now just burst forth with "Camping del Terrore!" Try it some time, and with my blessing.

       Now, onto the actual movie, which, try as it might, can't compete with the greatness of it's pseudonym. Not that it's really bad or anything, just not great. The woods are alive with the sound of screaming! BODY COUNT is, in fact, a much more apt title than CAMPING DEL TERRORE. The story begins as a cute young redhead decides that, rather than hang out at basketball practice, she's rather make out in the woods with her boyfriend. Luckily her dad, the local physician, also enjoys hanging out at after-school basketball practice (a habit that probably should have been looked into by the local authorities), and seems to have no problem with his teenaged daughter fornicating in the forrest (where was this young lady, and her father's alarmingly cavalier attitude, when I was in high school, dammit?!), even though he realizes, by his own admission, that these particular woods are dangerous. Indeed they are, as the two teens have barely had time to bask in the glow of post-coital bliss when they are suddenly and quickly dispatched by someone with a knife and an unpleasant disposition. Meanwhile, a police car, flashing lights and all, sits vacant on a road near the campground, and the married couple who run the camp are both nowhere to be seen! Their young son, who had been in the woodsFaced with unimaginable horror this young lady searching for his teddy bear (?!) witnessed the whole thing. Years later, a bunch of young adults in an RV decide that these particular campgrounds would be the ideal place to ride motorbikes and commit various sexual shennanigans. Well, we all know how well psychos approve of those two activities. Actually, there's no proof that maniacs look down their noses at dirt bike riding, but I would assume that they don't like the noise and the enviornment-damaging vapors. Anyway, being as this film is titled BODY COUNT , it isn't too long before a cetain knife-weilding someone decides to put in a return appearance.

       Although no film with David Hess, Mimsy Farmer AND Charles Napier could be a complete waste of time, BODY COUNT is still fairly routine. In addition to showdown!some fairly bad dialogue, it also features the most annoying variation on the chubby practical-joker character that I've ever seen, and it takes entirely too long for the killer to end the audience's discomfort. Still, it's rarely boring, with a few good moments, and many of the murders are pretty graphic (if not as gory as I'd been led to believe; I mean, this was directed by the same guy that helmed CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (1979), for pete's sake!)

       Not great, not terrible. At least worth a look.

BODYCOUNT 13  bodycount!   female:6 / male:7

        1) Female/ knifed in hand, then in head.
        2) Male/ knife through throat
        3) Male/ Startled by killer, falls off cliff.
        4) Female/ stabbed.
        5) Male/ stabbed.
        6) Female/ stabbed from underneath while on bed.
        7) Female/ Knifed through back of head until said knife protrudes from mouth; also later discovered with a meat-hook through her face.
        8) Male/ fingers axed off; axe then applied to other areas as well (offscreen).
       9) Female/ Blade across face.
     10) Male/ Speared through mid-section.
     11) Female/ axe in head.
     12) Male/ shot.
     13) Male/ killed offscreen (presumably with axe).