- fisted to death!

     ...Unaware that there had actually been two killers Constance and her boyfriend return to the camp to gather their belongings before heading back to the mobile home. Constance is acting strangely, applying a fresh layer of makeup- "You never know who you might run into!", she says. Suddenly, out of the dark rushes the huge second killer, immediately wounding the boyfriend with a machete. Constance lauches herself at him, kicking and screaming. He bear hugs her. Crushing her to the point of near unconciousness. Just before she passes out she manages to raise herself up and then rams her fist into his mouth. She pushes down hard and he begins to choke. The killer falls to the floor- helpless. Constance sits astride him, her fist wedged firmly in his throat. Eventually, when she is sure he is dead, she withdraws her fist and glances at her wounded boyfriend. He stares back, shocked and a little scared by what he has just seen. Constance stands in the dark, the look on her face a mixture of calmness, triumph and betraying only a tenuous link with sanity...


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