Well, you asked for it! ... Jane turns the tables somewhat and terrorises the killer by phoning and threatening him. This, however, backfires when the killer recognises her as the lady from TV. He also realises that she lives just across the way from him, in the opposite tower block, and spies Tracy tending the plants on the balcony.

       When Jane is out of apartment Herbert breaks in and kills their dog before playing around with Tracy, who, obviously, can't see him. He moves knives and plates out of her way to confuse her, before grabbing her and Jennifer Jason Leigh gets her 15 minutes of fame as Tracyindulging in a long wet kiss. Tracy struggles and manages to throw a pot of hot coffee over him and escapes to the bedroom...

       Meanwhile Jane has broken into Stanley's apartment and plays around with his cuckoo clock (don't ask!).

       Stanley stalks Tracy around the apartment and eventually finds her hiding in the bedroom closet, grabs her and throws her to the bed. Due to the trauma Tracy's eyesight begins to come back and she manages to throw him off and grab a gun. Jane sees the fight going on from a window in the Stanley's apartment and runs to Tracy's aid. Tracy manages to see well enough to shoot Stanley in the stomach and he falls down, presumably dead.

       Tracy makes her way to the bathroom and, her hands covered in blood, looks at herself in the mirror. Of course, Stanley isn't dead and jumps out at her. Jane arrives and grabs the handgun. Stanley sees Jane enter the bathroom with gun pointing at him and he releases Tracy and backs away (all in the best FRIDAY THE Stanley gets his comeuppance!13TH finalé-esque slo-mo). Jane aims the gun and plants a bullet right between his eyes. The back of Stanley's head explodes messily over the shower and he crashes through the glass partition.

       Jane takes Tracy in her arms and Tracy mutters the single word- "Jane!" (I think I felt a little tear coming on- not). Cue a shot of the dead Stanley lying in the shower, blood trickling down forehead, and cue the end credits...

       The death of Stanley provides the only decent Savini gore fx to survive (at least in this version of the film), there was that decapitation earlier but, head in fish tank not withstanding, it was pretty tame- nothing to compare with his work on FRIDAY THE 13TH or MANIAC, also that year. I wonder how much was really cut?

       These scenes are also the only ones where Jennifer Jason Leigh actually has anything really to do, other than making like Helen Keller. You can't help what wonder she'd say now if someone asked her if she enjoyed playing a deaf, dumb and blind character who has their dog butchered, is snogged by a great fat greaseball and has to batter him off in a sleazy fight to the death? ... I think she'd feign ignorance (I would).

       I can't help but feel that the only way was up for her. But, whatever came of Tewes after this mess is anyone's guess...